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Motivation is Key

Posted by Bob Barcus on April 11th, 2013

As everyone who knows me already knows, I’ve transformed my life through healthy eating. It all started with the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and has slowly progressed through several lifestyle changes.

Even though I’m continuing to lose weight through diet alone, I recognize the fact that my weight loss has slowed down. Considering that I’ve lost 40 pounds since I started eating healthy, I’m not surprised. This is usually what the call a plateau. I’ve been here before, rubber-banding back and forth with my weight for years. This time I’m determined to make it stick and to continue my weight loss since I’m very close to my first major weight goal. Right now, motivation is the key to my success.

I’ve already started going through my closet and finding jeans that I could have worn. Most of them are brand new – startling since I don’t know why I would have bought them in the first place if they didn’t fit. I just bought a new pair of Wranglers at Big R in Rochester a couple of weeks ago and they’re already too big for me. It amazes me how much my body continues to change for the better. Again, motivation.

Friends that I haven’t seen in weeks have also noticed the change. They usually start the conversation with “Wow! You look so much better.” I can’t say that I disagree with them. It is very flattering but also very motivational to hear such words of encouragement from my friends.

This week, I actually started exercising. The closest gym is 11 miles away and since I’m a rather conservative spender, I opted not to buy a gym membership. The constant driving back and forth to Plymouth just didn’t appeal to me. I usually find my answers on the internet, as this situation was no different. I turned on my Roku box and started browsing the fitness channel section. After passing over the subscription services (remember I’m being frugal), I found NetFit. Their programs are free on the Ruku, except there are some pretty long advertisements during workout sessions. I don’t mind – I’m so out of shape that I need a few extra breaks. Ironically, I think it’s actually a better workout since the sessions are extended from around 20 minutes to a full half hour. During the commercials, I keep myself moving or will grab a glass of water.

What I’ve learned since I’ve started living healthier is that motivation is crucial. My family and friends have been positive in their comments and most are amazed that I’m actually able to drink green juice and like it. Even more surprising to me is the fact that I haven’t had any beef, pork or chicken since I started on December 28th. I’ve completely cut meats out of my diet (except for fish and shrimp). I’ve also eliminated dairy and eggs. For anyone who knows me, that’s a huge change – as I was previously a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I’m as close to a vegetarian as I can stand.

Yesterday, I decided to make a trip to Mishawaka to partake in the opening of the new Whole Foods in the former Borders Bookstore. I’ve known about the opening for months and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day. Finding certain types of healthy food at the local grocery stores can sometimes be difficult. Even though Kroger in Rochester has a huge selection of healthy choices, I still felt that I was lacking a few essential items. After browsing the packed aisles at Whole Foods, I now know that I will be taking a monthly trip there to stock up on certain essentials. They have wide variety of healthy choices and the prices are comparable to what I’m paying now.

Overall, I’m happy with the changes that I’ve been experiencing. This coming Monday, I will return to my doctor and find out how I’m doing internally. I know my blood work has to be better. This time, I’m actually excited to hear the results. If my blood work looks as good as I imagine it to be, it’s going to provide me with even more motivation.


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