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Redwing Blackbirds Don't Like Me

Posted by Bob Barcus on July 30th, 2013

Since the weather has turned favorable again (meaning low humidity), I’ve taken to my favorite form of exercising, which is walking. I actually enjoy trotting along good ol’ Muckshaw Road, breathing in the country air and waving to my neighbors as go zipping by in their pickup trucks. However, not all of my neighbors appreciate my warm smile and a friendly wave.

The redwing blackbirds that have taken up residence along the banks of the ditch that runs alongside Muckshaw just south of my house do not like me. I know this because they are constantly chirping and harassing me as I quietly pass by their reed domiciles. On more than one occasion, I’ve actually felt the air brush my hair from one of their dive-bombing attacks. They’ve been that close.

Here's a video of a guy with similar problems:

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I do nothing to pester these beautiful creatures, yet they continue to offer their misgivings about my presence. For almost a half mile of roadway, all I can hear is the constant harsh chatter of these birds. All I can think about is the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds and wondering when I will become their next victim.

I didn’t realize until recently that redwing blackbirds were so aggressive. A quick search of the internet revealed an eHow entry on how to stop a redwing bird attack. Their recommendation is to “avoid areas with high populations of redwing blackbirds.” How novel.


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