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Relax, it's Sunday

Posted by Bob Barcus on July 26th, 2015

Today is Sunday and that means I don’t have to get up early or rush into the office. It is a good day. I rarely plan out my Sundays because I don’t want to get tied down into doing any one thing in particular. It’s my day to be lazy if I want to.

As I was I lying in bed this morning, I noticed some peculiar activity outside my bedroom window. With the sun glinting just right off strands of silk, I could see a not-so-big spider diligently building her web. As the intricate details began to take shape, I continued watching her as if I were watching a nature documentary unfolding just outside my house. Even after 40 years, I’m still fascinated by little things like this.

Then I got the bright idea that perhaps I should get up out of bed and take a picture of this little wonder. Naturally, I grabbed my cell phone and attempted to snap a quick pic. My first attempt failed. Even though the web was only a few inches from the window screen, the cell phone just couldn’t capture the image. So, I opened another window and tried from a different angle. All the while, my new neighbor continued to build her web while I failed at my second attempt.

Not accepting my failure, I got dressed, slipped on some flip-flops and headed out to my truck. I got my camera from the front seat and I was certain I could get the picture I wanted with the zoom lens. As I trekked across the wet grass in my yard, I began stirring up what looked like thousands of tiny mosquitoes from the nearby bushes, just lying in wait for a warm-blooded foul like me to wonder by. They immediately pounced.

Undeterred, I made my way to the bedroom window, only to realize that there was no way I was going to be able to get the picture I wanted without disturbing the little spider’s web. As I stood there pondering the situation, I was continuing to get bombarded by mosquitoes. Then it struck me – I’m going to let the spider do her job, finish her web and take care of my blood-sucker problem. After all, it’s Sunday and I don’t want to get too industrious.


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