Motivation is KeyRead More

As everyone who knows me already knows, I’ve transformed my life through healthy eating. It all started with the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and has slowly progressed through several lifestyle changes.

My Gimpy AnkleRead More

I’ve had to walk funny since I woke up at 3 am last Monday with this pain in my right ankle. For the first few days, I could barely walk and when I did it was at a very slow pace. All week long, people have been asking me, “What happened to your foot?”

A Whole New ExperienceRead More

Everyone knows I am a nerd and my nerdery knows few bounds. One of my favorite pastimes is watching Star Trek. Recently, I came across Star Trek: The Next Generation on Hulu and I was pleasantly surprised – The Next Generation is now available in high def…

Visiting Wal-Mart was Quite a TripRead More

Friday night, I decided to take a little excursion to Wal-Mart in Plymouth. After this trip, all I could think about was getting out of there and contemplating whether or not I should ever return.

Time Change is Really Messing with My Sleeping HabitsRead More

This time change is really messing with me and it makes no sense! Before the time change, my sleeping habits were greatly improved - getting a full eight hours of sleep every night was a good habit to have. Now that "summer time" is here, I can't seem to g…

I Love Stir Fry!Read More

I've always loved Chinese food and my favorite place for take-out has traditionally been Dragon Express in Plymouth. I would always order Pork with Mushrooms and Crabmeat Rangoon. Obviously, neither of those choices are an option in my new diet.

Two Green Juice RecipesRead More

By now, all of my friends and family know that I have been juicing and eating a near-vegetarian diet (I still eat fish and shrimp). After I watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I dramatically altered my eating habits with extremely positive results…