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Blonde Moments on Fox News

Posted by Bob Barcus on December 12th, 2013

Have you ever noticed how all of the women news anchors on Fox News are blonde? I have nothing against blonde people, in fact, I myself was born with blonde hair (which has naturally darkened over the years). However, last time I checked, being blonde was a common negative stereotype. I’ll admit that I have my own blonde moments from time to time, but I have to wonder why Fox News is doing this.

Now I’m not saying that the stereotype is accurate, but doesn’t it seem somewhat odd that Fox News has chosen to only have blonde women personalities? Isn’t that sort of negative in its own way? Something tells me that the guy who does the hiring at Fox has a thing for blondes. I mean, come on, if you listen to some of these women, they’re not exactly the brightest crayons in the box.

I consider myself a conservative in many regards, but I genuinely dislike Fox News. The information they and their liberal counterparts spew out on a daily basis disgusts me. They try to spin the real news in ways to support their arguments and are in no way “fair and balanced” as their name suggests.

It almost seems like Fox is trying to put a pretty face in front of the camera to get the attentions of average red-blooded, white American men, which I’m sure make up the majority of their demographic numbers. These are the same guys who tell a slew of blonde jokes at the bar every night.

In fact, Fox News’s own website may shed a little light on the subject of blondes and why they so prevalently grace their network. As Dr. Peter Frost from Laval University in Quebec City states in the online article:

"It's a kind of novelty effect. The moment you become ordinary, you no longer have the same appeal. There's selection for being a bit different and eye-catching."

And there you go. It’s all about Fox News getting the attention they want and appealing to their demographics. Researchers in the UK discovered that 63% of blonde women seemed “friendly and approachable.” You have to give them props for at least trying to appeal to their audience. Bravo, Fox News, bravo...


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