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Just Finished Watching House of Cards on Netflix

Posted by Bob Barcus on February 26th, 2013

I just finished watching House of Cards on Netflix. If you don't subscribe to Netflix's streaming service, then you don't know what you're missing. You get a great deal of value for only $7.99 a month - this show being one of the perks. Shown exclusively on Netflix, House of Cards chronicles the political and personal life of Congressman Francis "Frank" Underwood, which is expertly played by Kevin Spacey.

When the show was released earlier this month, I started seeing a torrent of positive reviews come across Twitter. I knew it was coming out, but I didn't really want to start watching another political show. I was almost done with the entire series of The West Wing, so I made up my mind to pick up House of Cards after I was done. From the very beginning, I was shocked and mesmerized by the performance and the storyline.

The show exposes so much of the characters' personalities and explores a whole suite of emotions. Toss in a little bit of sex, some drugs and just a dash of violence and the resulting production is fantastic to behold.

The little dialogs that Frank Underwood carries out with the viewer is also a great touch. It lets you peer into the mind of a deceitful man who posseses a great deal of intelligence and southern charm. After seeing how politics work in this show, it makes you wonder if this is really how things are played out in Washington. Oh what a tangled web Frank weaves!

Strangely enough, my favorite character in this season is Congressman Peter Russo, which is played by Corey Stoll. Peter has some serious issues with sex and drugs, but I actually felt bad for the character. You'll have to watch the show to understand why.

If you haven't seen it yet, I definitely recommend it. Of course, I'm a fan of political dramas - even thought they're calling this show a political thriller. Watch it and I bet you'll like it!


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