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My First Post

Posted by Bob Barcus on February 24th, 2013

Well, I've decided to start a new blog - a blog all about me - great and wonderful me! OK, maybe that was a little much...

I've attempted to write several different blogs over the years, some have been quite successful, others have been not so successful. I've struggled trying to find good subject matter. I guess you could say that I've had blogger's block.

Well, I've been thinking that there is probably no better way to blog than to just write about my life experiences. In a way, this blog will sort of be a not-so-personal diary of sorts. Or maybe it will develop into a type of "captain's log" (to borrow a Star Trek term) where I share my thoughts.

It's hard to tell just exactly where this little journey is going to take me. I really don't want to make this blog political, but I'm not discounting the possiblity that I may submit my opinion for public consumption. I'm definitely a nerd and a fan of technology, but I don't want to fill this blog with techno-babble. I have another blog for that. I think I'm going to just play it by ear and let my fingers do the talking.

As a web designer, I always struggle with the design of my own sites. Believe or not, I was able to put this site together in less than 24 hours (including 8 hours of sleep, meals, television, other design work and visiting with my mom). Considering the amount of time I spent on the design, I think it came out really well. It definitely has a very "Microsofty" feel to it. I just wanted something simple that I could easily maintain, so of course, I built the site on my favorite CMS platform.

I guess that's enough for now. Cheers!


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