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A Whole New Experience

Posted by Bob Barcus on March 31st, 2013

Everyone knows I am a nerd and my nerdery knows few bounds. One of my favorite pastimes is watching Star Trek. I have watched every episode of every Star Trek series, save for the animated series (I am only half way through). Recently, I came across Star Trek: The Next Generation on Hulu and I was pleasantly surprised – The Next Generation is now available in high definition! More accurately, the first two seasons are in high definition.

Watching TNG in HD has opened up a whole new level of entertainment for me. The HD version has brilliant clarity and I am finding that I am enjoying TNG like it is a whole new series. Just this morning, I was watching a sequence in Datalore when I saw the name Enterprise near the photon torpedo launcher. Even after having watched TNG perhaps thousands of times, this is the first time I have ever seen the small lettering clearly. The amount of detail on the Enterprise is astounding.

Being able to clearly see the actors, bridge consoles and special effects is also enjoyable. When I first started watching the new HD version, one of the first things I had was that they slightly changed the transporter effect, or so it seems. The new effects are vibrant and realistic. The planets in the various space sequences are also very realistic.

After having watched a few episodes, I can definitely say that I am definitely enjoying this “new series”. Bravo! By the way, I have made a consistent effort to not use any contractions in this post, in honor of Mr. Data. As I said earlier, my nerdery knows few bounds.


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