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You Complete Me

Posted by Bob Barcus on November 21st, 2014

There’s a certain satisfaction you get once a project is complete.

In the wide world of web design, a completed project is virtually unattainable. With the ever-changing Internet, websites are constantly changing and evolving. In my business, we prefer say that a project has been “delivered” rather than completed.

Today, I delivered a simple one-page website to a customer as a stand-in for a much larger and complex website to follow. They needed something fast, which I delivered in a timely manner. It’s satisfying to know when a customer is happy.

Since it's Friday and my daydreaming engines began putting along, it got me thinking about many of the other projects I've delivered over the years. My trip down memory lane made me recall the single largest project I've ever delivered.

I worked on this one particular website for almost three years. It was once of those projects with many twists and turns. It seems like everybody had a small part to play in the construction of this beast. There were designers, programmers and project managers spread across the globe. It was a huge project and yet it still fundamentally looks the same as when I worked on it.

I created the logo for that company, which I’m proud to say they’re still using. My work has appeared not only online, but has graced magazines, postcards, videos and other advertising materials. My hope is that long after I’m gone, some small remnant of my work will survive. Perhaps hundreds of years from now, a scholar of early 21st century graphic arts will see my work, scratch his head and wonder.

Yeah, I’m a little quirky.


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